This gives your appointed legal representative the right and responsibility to manage your fiscal and related affairs. This enables them to carry out several procedures on your behalf including applying for your NIE certificate, contract water and electricity supplies, obtain licences, open bank accounts, set up direct debits and act as your tax representative before the Spanish Inland Revenue. This gives the legal representative the legal right and responsibility to manage dealing with all the procedures that you may need in Spain.

At Lancaster we always advise our clients to grant power of attorney before completion irrespective of whether they can or cannot attend the signing at notary as this makes the whole purchasing procedure easier and stress free.

Below are just some of the services that we can offer to you at Lancaster. If the service you are seeking isn’t listed please ask. If we cannot provide it we will know someone reputable who can.  

We are happy to help in any way and we feel confident you will be pleased by the moderate fees we charge for our services.